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Our sales team at Twin Hills Ford Lincoln understands that if you have a first-time driver at home, tensions and excitement are both likely running high! The teenager is thrilled about new freedoms and experiences. The people who love them are full of concern and anxiety.

At Twin Hills Ford Lincoln, we think all parties involved will be impressed and reassured with the life-saving safety features, like Ford MyKey, available on our makes and models.

We want all first-time drivers and the folks who love them to have a fun and happy time together at the dealership, making memories that will last a lifetime!

Ford MyKey Basics

Even though your teenager may resent the idea behind it, we know that Ford MyKey saves lives. Inexperienced drivers face high crash risk. That’s just a fact. Ford MyKey can pump the brakes and offer some basic controls that may give the driving novice the extra second or two they need to make a life-saving decision.

Ford MyKey is precisely what its name implies - a programmable key. This key comes with configurable and non-configurable options that control your vehicle’s safety settings, even when you can’t be behind the wheel.

It’s important to note that many of our safety features are available on all our makes and models, and some can be added to packages at the consumer’s request.

Be sure to ask your sales team member to walk you through all the safety features, detailing which ones are standard and which ones you may want to consider adding before you purchase. It’s well worth your time to see all The Ford Company has to offer!

Non-Configurable Safety Settings

Once you enable MyKey, these settings are automatically turned on and cannot be turned off or adjusted with the admin key:

    • Safety Belt Reminder. They’re one of the oldest safety features on the books - seat belts save lives. Until the front seat passengers’ safety belts are fastened, the alarm will sound and the audio system will remain muted.

    • Fuel Alerts. Running out of fuel happens to the best of us. You want your first-time driver to have every available opportunity to stop well before they are close to running out!

This sensor alerts at 75 miles from empty, instead of the standard alarm at 50 miles. Those extra miles allow your inexperienced driver to make a well-lit, smart choice for gassing up or recharging.

    • Auto-On Driver Assistance. Whether they want to admit it or not, novice drivers sometimes need a little extra help. (Sometimes, we all need a little extra help!) Suppose your vehicle is equipped with driver assistance technologies, like Blind Spot Information System with Cross-Traffic Alert or Parking Assist features. In that case, these will be forced on so that your driver has extra “eyes” helping while they’re on the road.

Configurable Safety Settings

You can adjust several MyKey settings with an admin key to suit your driver and your unique situation. You can also use the admin key to change the settings after you’ve completed the setup. Configurable safety settings include:

    • Vehicle Speed Limit. Set a maximum speed that the driver cannot override. This piece is an important one to think through because you don’t want to set the speed so low that the driver cannot manipulate the car safely. Discuss this with a trusted technician before deciding on a maximum speed.

Once your driver reaches the set speed, the display will show warnings, followed by an audible tone.

    • Speed Minders. Let the tone remind your driver when they hit popular 45, 55, 65, or 75 mph speeds. When the MyKey driver exceeds a preselected speed, the speed will be shown in the display, followed by an audible tone.

    • Audio Presets. Likely the least favorite setting among young drivers, the audio preset allows you to keep distractions at a minimum by setting the audio system at a maximum volume of 45%. When the MyKey driver tries to exceed the volume limit, a message will display.

    • Enable Help. You can set the MyKey to “always on” for Advance Trac (traction control), 911 Assist or Emergency Assist, or the Do Not Disturb feature. When “always on” is enabled, the MyKey driver is unable to switch them off.

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We have been serving our friends and neighbors in Richmond Hill for so long, we have learned what you expect from your vehicle and our dealership. We provide top-quality vehicles and employ top-notch staff who are experienced and knowledgeable in our brand.

We are proud of our vehicles and the innovative technologies they provide our drivers, especially the driver-assistance technologies that save lives every day. Your safety has always been Ford’s top priority.

Visit us on Yonge Street, and let us show you all the ways our cars keep drivers safe. You’ll be so glad you did.

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