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At Twin Hills Ford on Yonge Street, we believe the purchase of a new car can create opportunities for real improvement in your life.


There is almost nothing worse than getting ready, preparing to hit the road, and sitting down in your car - only to hear the engine make that telltale breakdown sound. After a few breakdowns, it is frustrating and even embarrassing to explain to your friend, co-worker, or even your boss why you’re running late or - at worst - unable to fulfill the obligation you’ve made.

With the purchase of a new car, no longer will you feel that anxious knot in your stomach when you turn the key in the ignition and pray you’ll be able to leave the driveway. We all want to be considered reliable. With a new car in the garage, you won’t have any reason not to attend that family reunion in Niagara Falls.


A new car brings with it independence. If you’re no longer reliant on others (or public transportation) for a way to work, shopping, or even a night out with friends, the opportunity to try something new is right in front of you.

Not only can you schedule appointments to fit your plans, but you can also run errands when it’s convenient. Always wanted to shop at Costco? Now you can. You have a new car. Always wanted to try paddleboarding, but couldn’t fit the paddleboard in an Uber? Now you can. You have a new car. Just find out your favorite local band is playing at a restaurant downtown? Take off!


One thing that we know improves a person’s outlook and mindset is a feeling of helpfulness. Everybody needs to be needed. Owning a car and having the freedom and flexibility it affords allows you to be helpful to others, too. Know an older person who can’t get out for groceries? Now you can help. Always wanted to volunteer at that animal shelter you pass by on your way to and from work? Now you can stop in to ask about volunteering. Have a friend that’s moving and needs your help? Well, wait - that may be taking things a bit far, but you get our meaning!

It feels good to be needed. Now you can find those times when being helpful feels right for you.


Relying on others, scheduling a driving service, even figuring out public transportation that fits a busy schedule of errand running can be frustrating and expensive - sometimes even embarrassing. The flexibility a new car affords is awesome.

Now you can schedule errands, appointments, even explore new hobbies on your time without the added worry of being held hostage by someone else’s schedule or a bus route.


Want to spend your lunch break at a job interview ? Want to learn something new like horseback riding, skiing, or pottery, and didn’t think it was worth the trouble of figuring out how to get where you needed to go and back? Being a new car owner affords you so many opportunities.

Owning a new car makes dating easier, too! You’ll never have to meet your date at your intended destination again (or ask them to drive you)! Pick up that special someone and take the scenic route home. Trust us, the scenic route is always worth it.


All the aforementioned reasons for buying a new car don’t hold a candle to increasing your confidence. Knowing you can go where you need to go when you want to go there is a smile-booster for sure. The confidence gained from your newfound reliability, independence, helpfulness, flexibility, and the myriad of opportunities you have at your fingertips is immeasurable.


Being spontaneous sparks our synapsis. It boosts spirits. It invigorates and improves moods. The freedom of choosing what you want to do and when is a boon for most people. Feeling blue? Take a drive to a trail you’ve never tried before. Need a change in scenery? Throw a weekend bag in the backseat and drive until the gas light comes on. Missing a friend? Drive over with a picnic basket. Try a new restaurant downtown.

With the spontaneity that new car ownership provides, the world is literally your oyster - or at least the world as far as you can drive it.

Improved Finances

You may not think buying a new car would help your finances. Making monthly payments on time will most certainly boost your credit score over time. You won’t have more money in your pocket, but you’ll be building an excellent credit history in the process.

Will buying a new car make you happy? No. Only you can make you happy. But buying a new car can help you improve your life. If you don’t believe us, let our knowledgeable and professional team at Twin Hills Ford prove it to you!

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