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We only want our friends and neighbors in Richmond Hill to shop with us! But if you find yourself at another dealership, our team is so committed to you that we want you to know what you should expect should you go elsewhere.

No matter where you go, you should expect at least these five traits from a top-notch dealership: a professional and friendly sales staff, a flexible financing department, a large inventory of vehicles, customer conveniences, and a well-managed service department.

Professional Sales Staff

We all grimace at the old stereotype of the car salesman. He always wears a too-tight powder-blue polyester suit. His hair is slicked back away from his face with too much hair gel. His shirt is unbuttoned just enough to make things awkward, and he approaches you with a weird side-smile and cliches like, “What’ll it take to get the keys to this beaut in your hands today?”

At a top-quality dealership, you should find professional team members going about their work thoughtfully and efficiently. Salespeople should be friendly and knowledgeable, with lots of valuable information about their brand. Salespeople should never follow you around the lot, ask too many questions, pressure you, or make you feel uncomfortable.

Most importantly, a salesperson should be a good listener! They should want to know what you’re looking for and try to get an idea about your pros and cons. If you ever find yourself in a dealership where you feel hassled or hounded, walk away.

Flexible Financing Department

From years of listening to our customers, we know that one of the most intimidating parts of their previous car-buying experiences was talking with the financing department.

We understand how that can happen. It’s always a little awkward talking about your personal financial information with a stranger. However, times have changed!

Now with the advent of the internet, customers have the opportunity to walk into the financing department from a position of power. Online research is accessible, helpful, and can prepare you ahead of time for the cost of the specific vehicle you’re interested in. Plus, dealership websites have many tools you can use before visiting the lot, including credit applications or payment calculators.

Specially trained finance department staff should make you feel welcome. They should want to work with you to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Trust your gut. The finance team members should never make you feel embarrassed or ashamed. They shouldn’t ever pressure you into a payment you cannot afford or accessories you don’t want.

If you don’t feel comfortable with your financing terms, or you feel as though your questions aren’t being answered, walk away. Nothing is final until you sign on the dotted line!

Large Inventory and Variety

Top-quality dealerships will have a large inventory of new and used vehicles available. There should be many examples of the model in which you’re most interested so that you can compare different trim lines, exterior and interior colors, and pre-owned or used models that may meet your expectations - for a lower price than the latest model!

Even if the inventory is a little low, your sales team member should be able to answer your questions about different model trims and specific features truthfully and thoughtfully, so that you can make good decisions for you and your family.

Customer Conveniences

There are so many conveniences available to consumers today. Quickly research the dealership website to find helpful tools like directions, hours of operation, learn a little about the staff, even schedule an appointment to meet with someone (if necessary).

You may even be able to schedule regular maintenance appointments with the service department online. Some dealerships even post service coupons on their website.

It’s worth asking the dealership staff what conveniences are available. You never know what you may find!

Reputable Service Department

After your vehicle purchase, your relationship with the dealership is just beginning. Periodically, you’ll need to bring your vehicle back for maintenance service appointments. In the service department, you should find the same level of professionalism that you did on the showroom floor. Expect highly organized, motivated, trained technicians and front office staff to quickly help you get in and out of your service appointment.

Your technician should thoroughly explain any issues with your vehicle and have on hand (or quickly order) any necessary parts. Be sure you ask your technician any questions you may have. You should feel confident with the answer!

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Our team at Twin Hills Ford Lincoln Limited works hard to exceed your expectations and be a top-quality dealership for our friends and neighbors in Richmond Hill. We want you to feel comfortable and have a top-quality experience no matter where you find your vehicle!

We hope you find yourself at Twin Hills Ford Lincoln. Here you can be confident that your experience will keep you coming back. With us, you’re more than just a customer!

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